In our country, which has the title of “table olive’s capital”; the foundations of Zeykur Inc. were laid in 2010 in order to ensure that the olives produced are of higher quality and added value to the higher prices and to take place in the country’s economy. Zeykur; who takes his name from the olive foundation, continues it’s facilities of logistics and management department in Bursa and production packaging and warehousing operations in Manisa’s Akhisar region.
The Olives produced in high quality and naturally in our premises, are being presented to the last customer carefully, with hundreds of exclusive sales points in the country. Zeykur succeeded to be the owner of the table in the table olive sector in a short time; the sector has taken its place among the indispensable flavor values of our country by giving a high quality perspective and momentum..
ZEYKUR has a quality that understands the importance of the olive which is one of the indispensables of tables and does not leave room for doubts in this matter.
Consumers are so confident of the products of Zeykur that now they have the principle of “Olive should be bought from Zeykur”


Numerous benefits to the human health scientifically identified “Heaven Fruit” olives are not produced in any way other than natural methods. There will be no contribution to the humanity and the sector of the olives obtained by chemical means and lifting the waiting period.
We are fully pioneering natural production and encouraging our other competitors to this production system.
In order for all processed foodstuffs to be healthy; hygienic environments, health examinations and surveys conducted regularly by people; it must be produced consciously using healthy raw material which does not contain toxic substance and pesticide residues. This situation does not change for both our own kitchen and the food factory. For the olives, this is no different.
For this reason, the operation of the olive must have a certain substructure and be produced by conscious people who know the olive’s food legislation.
As in all foodstuffs, consumption of olives, for the benefits for our body and health. Absolutely the palate taste and the product’s quality are important. But in the first place olive should always be healthy and healthy to eat.
For this reason, we should not only evaluate olive oil with color and taste. Black olives should not prevent the consumption of the different color of olives.
Olive; not only to decorate our tables, should be eaten because of the benefits to our bodies.