Production and Quality

For all processed foods to be healthy, hygienic environments should be produced consciously using healthy raw materials which do not contain toxic substances and pesticide residues by healthy persons who have regular medical examinations and tests. This does not change both for our own kitchen and for the food factory. This situation is no different for olive.
For this reason, the olive enterprise must have a certain infrastructure and olives must be produced by the conscious people who also know the food regulations.
As in all foodstuffs, our aim is to consume olive and is due to the benefits of our health and our health. The taste and taste of the product are important. But the first place should always be healthy and healthy consumption of olives.
For this reason, we should not only evaluate the color and taste of the olives. Different colors of black olives should not prevent the consumption of olives.
Olive; not only to decorate our tables, but to benefit our body due to the benefits.